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To a world without restrictions.



Before pre-biz, video production dealing with CG

Budgets and creative ideas have been limited.

We will propose the creation of works with high cost performance using pre-biz.

Pre-biz worries before shooting

No more creative restrictions.

What Previs?

​What is Previs?

Pre-visualization is an abbreviation for pre-visualization (pre-visualization) before shooting.

Create the same image as the actual one with a simple CG model, camera work and character placement

It is a video to decide VFX and editing in advance.

In recent years, it has been adopted in Japanese movies and commercials, including Hollywood movies, and is used in many media.

・ Bulk ordering (Propose camera work, editing, and sound based on scripts and storyboards)

・ Creation of editing materials (suggest various shots like live-action shots for scripts and storyboards)

・ Shooting materials for previs together (shooting CG materials prepared by us with the director and cinematographer with a virtual camera)

・ Movie [CG pre-biz → live-action video / CG pre-vis → CG video]

・ CM [CG pre-biz → live-action video / CG pre-vis → CG video]

・ Game cinematic (cutscene) [CG previs → CG video / live-action previs → CG video]

・ Game machine [CG pre-biz → live-action video / CG pre-vis → CG video]

Order media

Service contents

Why we need previs?

The need for previs

Cost reduction

In the case of live-action VFX, if you try to synthesize CG after actually shooting, no matter how much storyboard you have

It's not based on exact dimensions, so it's a lot of trial and error during post production.

It will take labor cost and time. What kind of cut can be made in advance by using Previs

It will be clear if you should shoot, and the cost will be reduced as a result. Also, the video to be shot in advance

As you can see, the budget for shooting and post-production will be clear.

Information sharing

It is impossible to express the visuals in the director 's head only with storyboards.

Usually on the spot with a VFX leader when you go to the site, including camera work and timing

You have to consult and make decisions. As a result, what percentage of the image of the director

In many cases, it will be the completed video below. However, by creating a previs

What kind of video do you want to make for all the staff involved, not just the shooting team and VFX team?

Information is shared in advance, and you can perform shooting and post-production work with sufficient preparation.

Quality up

If you don't have enough time for shooting and post-production, you can't get better quality.

Knowing the video you are aiming for in advance means that you can prepare in advance and the result

There are more places to be particular about, which is purely to improve the quality of the work.

I will be connected.

What we can decide

​Items that can be decided by previs

By creating a previs, many items can be decided before shooting.

・ Camera work

・ Lens information (compatible with real-life cameras and lenses at the time of shooting)

・ Scale and editing points

・ Position of character (person, CG model)

・ Background arrangement (when using background CG)

-Image of the effect and the angle of view related to it.

・ Estimate the number of people in a cut with many people

・ Estimate in places where location scouting is difficult, such as overseas

・ Estimate of studio selection such as how big a studio should be used

・ Estimate the budget required for actual shooting and VFX

CG book production / pre-live-action shooting Decidable items

Please feel the goodness of pre-biz with sample video.





Previs  Sample

Movie "Shin Godzilla" previs videoCG → live-action

Watch the video

Previs  Sample

CM "AC Millan VS. Super Car" Previs comparison video

CG → live-action

Watch the video

スクリーンショット 2016-01-15 18.25.18.png

Previs  Sample

CM "SUBARU VIZIV 2 CONCEPT" The Ice Ride "" Previs comparison video



Watch the video

Previs  Sample

CM "Biohazard Revelations 2 Teaser" Previs comparison video

CG → live-action

Watch the video


Game "Resident Evil 6" video storyboard comparison video



Previs  Sample

Watch the video

Previs  Sample

CM "U-Can" Previs comparison video

CG → live-action

Watch the video

スクリーンショット 2018-09-03 14.23.12.png

AC Milan vs. Super Car  Previs feature article


Resident Evil Vendetta Previs Special Article




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