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In search of new images.



  From game cutscenes to live-action CG compositing of movies

We will deliver all kinds of CG images.

Just Cause is good at CG animation and layout

Depending on the project, CG effects and live-action materials can be combined, rendered movies, etc.

Excellent designers including directing will support and produce all CG images.

CG Animation

CG animation

Body & creature animation

 Supports various fields such as commercials, movies, and pachinko machines, centering on game cutscenes.

Animation of real human characters based on motion capture

 Various types of hand - crafted cute movements and powerful creature animations

We support animation.


Facial animation

Has one of the leading experience points in Japan in the field of facial animation of real models

It is said that it is difficult especially in domestic studios, including video analysis with skilled Dynamixyz.

I am also good at English lip-syncing and facial expressions.


Software used

   ・ Motion Builder

   ・ Maya

・ Max

   ・ For other software, consultation is required depending on the project.


Facial video analysis software

・ Dynamixyz


Animation Reel

Animation reel

Watch the video

Virtual camera

​Virtual camera (layout)

What is a virtual camera? A special camera linked with CG in a virtual CG space is actually used.

It is a system that you can hold in your hand and create free camera work (layout) on CG.

In the movie "Avatar", James Cameron is all about CG characters and backgrounds

Even in the scene, I want to use a CG camera like a live-action camera with my own hands, so it is special

The camera was developed and improved. At Just Cause, which originally produced and produced live-action footage

The camera was quickly adopted and used from "Resident Evil 5", and many more realistic.

I have created video works .

The virtual camera is also used in the movie "Shin Godzilla". Demonstrate that power without regret

Created Privis with Hideaki Anno. It was well received.

Software used

   ・ Motion Builder (when shooting with a virtual camera)

Virtual camera studio rental

We also rent a studio only for virtual camera shooting.

We will prepare the operator and shooting preparations.

Virtual Camera

Virtual camera introduction video

Watch the video


Virtual camera shooting procedure

​Designated software

Motionbuilder conversion

Complete with MotionBuilder

Virtual camera shooting

Convert camera data to specified software


Visual effects

Service contents

・ Combining live-action video and CG video

・ CG effect

・ Composite


・ CG material ・ Animation

Software used

   ・ Nuke

   ・ After Effect

   ・ Houdini

   ・ Maya

VFX Sample

VFX work example "The new Porsche Cayenne Coupé --For the cause, For the future"

・ Modeling effects

・ Lighting ・ Rendering

・ Combogit

Watch the video


VFX Sample

VFX work example "Biohazard Revelations 2 Teaser"

・ Tracking ring effect

・ Head destruction·bullet・ Muzzle flash

・ Lighting ・ Rendering

・ Combogit

Watch the video

VFX Sample

VFX work example "You Can CM"

・ Trump CG model creation

・ Trump animation ​​




スクリーンショット 2018-09-03 14.23.12.png

Watch the video



Software used

・ ZBrush

・ Maya

Lighting & rendering

Lighting & rendering

Software used

・ V-Ray

・ Maya

・ Engines for game development of each company (lighting)



We will create CG images compatible with VR.

Practical achievements

CM "Lark Tropical Ice Menthol: Tropical Challenge VR"

directed by


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