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What is Just Cause?


About us

Just Cause Productions, Inc.

Just Cause Production Co., Ltd.

Just Cause started as a video production company.


Initially, I was mainly involved in the planning and production of live-action videos such as movies, but after I made cutscenes in the game [Resident Evil 5], I used CG in the sense of a new video expression to be transmitted to the world. We are focusing on video production.


Until then, I had no experience in CG production, but with the understanding and cooperation of clients, I wanted to create a work that only we could do, and I made use of the know-how of live-action photography that other CG studios do not have. In the production process of, we were able to realize a video production with a sense of reality.


After that, we wanted to create a work that we were satisfied with, and in 2011 we established a motion capture studio and an ADR studio that can simultaneously record facial capture and audio in Los Angeles, USA. (* Currently affiliated studio)


We were one of the first in Japan to introduce a virtual camera and make use of our live-action experience to realize new video production that could not be expressed in conventional CG works.


As a result of owning a studio for each process in-house and creating an environment where you can work in-house from the beginning to the end, we were able to establish a style that produces high-quality, cost-effective video production.


Just Cause has continued to evolve by taking advantage of having bases in the two major cities of Hollywood and Tokyo, and incorporating the good parts of both, but our biggest selling point is [the willingness to challenge]. No matter what equipment or technology you have, the stagnation will begin when you are satisfied with the status quo.


We always aim to be the top of the era at that time, always challenge without fear of change, continue to evolve, and promise to provide you with new surprises.



President and CEO

Takuya Shibata


Company Profile

Company name: Just Cause Productions, Inc.

Established: June 20, 2006 * Organizational change from Just Cause Production Ellsii (established in 2002)

Location: 3-18-25 Sakura, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0053 Lions Mansion Setagaya Bajikoen 1F / B1F

Capital: 20,000,000 yen

Representative: Takuya Shibata, President and CEO

Business: Planning / Director / Direction / Production of CG animation movie CM documentary video, etc. Production and coordination of motion capture and dubbing recording

Translation / Interpretation (Japanese / English) Coordination of overseas actors Coordination of overseas entertainment

    (3D scan CM shooting sound recording, etc.)

Major business partners <Japanese syllabary>

 Id software

Electronic Arts Canada

Capcom Co., Ltd.

Khara Co., Ltd.

Grasshopper Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Square Enix Co., Ltd.

SEGA Games Co., Ltd.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Hakuhodo Products Co., Ltd.

From Software Inc.

Production IG Co., Ltd.

Monolith Soft Co., Ltd.

Universal Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Sammy Corporation

Disney XD

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

PlatinumGames Co., Ltd.

Majesco Entertainment

Machine Games


 Respawn Entertainment

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