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Ideas and impressions you have never seen.


directed by

  Directors for all video projects

We will deliver creative planning, production, and video.

Not only orders for CG projects, but also live-action projects such as commercials and movies

We undertake the director of all video works.

The directors will provide various productions such as powerful images full of Hollywood feeling to moving dramas.

Direction Direction.

directed by


directed by


Incorporated an overseas flair by directors with experience in video production in Hollywood

We provide planning, production, and video for the world as well as for Japan.

* The director can direct the actor in Japanese / English.

* We support both live-action projects and CG projects.

* We also accept individual orders such as directing to actors by the director and camera work (layout) only.




・ Screenplay


・ Direction / shooting (live-action and CG)

・ Post-production (editing / sound)



・ Game cinematic (cutscene)



・ Music video (PV)

・ Pachinko machine

・ TV drama

Supervision and service content

​Compatible media

Supervision ・ Work flow (example)

Planning / idea

(Game cinematic, CM, movie, TV)


​​ (Participating in the script)


Live-action video production (directing)

delivery of materials

CG video production (directing)

バイオハザード6 監督

Cinematic Sample

Director sample video "Resident Evil 6"

Director | Masanori Kobayashi / Ken Ohara


Watch the video

ACtion Design

​Action design

We will design the necessary actions in CG and live-action video works.


* Supports production and shooting in Japan and the United States, including language


・ Action design package (including camera work, shooting, editing, etc.)

・ Partial action design reception (corresponding to each project such as sword fight and wire action only)

・ Arrangement of action actors (arrangement of action actors according to the project)

Service contents

Action Design


Action design reel

Watch the video

ソウルキャリバーV アクション監督



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