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Lionsgate releases Black Cobra (DVD, Digital Download). Our Action Director Ken Ohara worked on the action design for this film. Check out the trailer here: Official BLACK COBRA Trailer - 2012!
Capcom releases Dragon's Dogma (PS3, XBOX360). Just Cause motion captured both the body and face of the characters in the cinematic sequences.
Just Cause is interviewed by KBS (national Korean TV network), as a part of their The 4D Movie Revolution segment.
X-Legend Entertainment releases a new trailer Legend of Heroes. Just Cause motion captured the heroes of the opening cinematic scene.
Just Cause is mentioned in the fxguide interview with COPA co-founder and VFX supervisor Alex Frisch, fxguidetv #139: COPA's Turn Me On music vid.
Capcom releases Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PS3, XBOX360). Just Cause provided the voice over production.
Tecmo Koei Games releases Ninja Gaiden 3 (PS3, XBOX360). Just Cause motion captured the cinematic sequences of the game.
Capcom releases Resident Evil: Revelations (PS3, XBOX360). Just Cause provided the voice over production.
Namco Bandai Games releases Soul Calibur 5 (PS3, XBOX360). Just Cause provided the facial motion capture and voice over production, as well as the camerawork for appearance, victory, and special attack sequences.
David Guetta's "Turn Me On" featuring Nicki Minaj music video premieres worldwide. Just Cause teamed up with Wondros, COPA, and TNG Visual Effects to make this song come alive. Just Cause motion captured Nicki Manaj's facial performance via our 15-camera set-up in the facial ADR sound booth, designed specifically for capturing facial movements and sound simultaneously. Furthermore, Nicki and David's faces were scanned at our facilities, laying the ground-work for their CG counterparts used in the music video. Watch the video here: Turn Me On by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj.
Our co-founder Reuben Langdon is featured in a Hello! Hollywood interview hosted by Ms. Yang Yang. Watch the interview here: Hello! Hollywood Interview.